Still up to the Task have Fun

All right, that title’s terrible. But do you know what isn’t terrible, ever? Task have Fun.

Borrowing liberally from Vanilla Beans, I see

That’s for their sixth single (in two years!) and, frankly, I’m extremely relieved that they pulled back from the brink of missing what made their previous work so darn charming in the first place and, you know, had fun. True story: When I did that class, I had Task have Fun in the outro playlist that I sort of fumbled on an attempt to have played because I got a little rambly about cultural double standards, but I did an off-book recap performance with some people who know about ye olde site and already know that I’m weird, so it’s fine, and I played the list for them. “3WD” was the runaway favorite of everybody who endured the playlist.

Anyway, I cannot in good conscience spend too much time with Task have Fun, regardless of the fun being had every time they do a thing, because they’re as homi as a fluffy kitten and are instead purely a musical interest that, given that I will give myself an out in every situation, just so happens to align with it not only being Sunday, but a truly glorious pre-spring Sunday here at Maniac Mansion. I think I’ll go put on a Task have Fun playlist while I whistle while I work!