Your Homicidols Weekender #66

Hello friends! I hope you, too, can feel the creeping onset of spring while still enjoying the Winter Olympics, which are almost the best Olympics (the best being Idolympics). Your friendly neighborhood Maniac will be enjoying this … uh, chilly and rainy day. ISN’T FEBRUARY THE WORST?

You know the drill, right? First things first, you’re going to go play the Fun. Then you’re going to strap in for one of the weirdest Weekenders yet!


This is incredibly huge news for sora tob sakana:

Also cool!

This song is completely off the chain:

Even moreso? The new MIGMA SHELTER:

Mori Kanon is out of the Mask:

Nanaka, however, won her first MMA fight … and was joined by her mates in the ring, because idol:


Hey, Woltanative are having a one-man!

The poetry of SAKA-SAMA:

Wota are important!

Six years of Cheeky Parade, my goodness:

NEO JAPONISM, acoustic:

That BiSH/Friedman collaboration (all right, lots of people/Friedman) is pre-available:

Even after the breakup announcement, I never expected NEVE SLIDE DOWN to go out with such a whimper:

Seriously, Wagamama Rakia had a more heartfelt tribute to them:

I want to charge up to Yotsu and start speaking to her very, very quickly in my naturally heavily accented English — we’ll see how smart she is then!

This isn’t creepy or anything:

predia is releasing their second album tomorrow, and this is how they’re promoting it:

Uh …

No offense, BAND-MAID, but there’s only one “Domination”, no matter how good your song is:

Wyenra pretty:

I’m unsure how to feel about the return of XYZ:

New Perfume:

You’ll Melt More!, sped up, for 75 songs:

That’s a hell of a Pikarin tribute, friend:

When Minna no Kodomo-chan works with bands, portentous things happen:

I’m not saying that Oyasumi Hologram should only do collaborations, but they’re kind of great at them:

Not being a weeaboo myself, I often have no idea what’s going on in idols’ out-and-about videos:

Does Hibiki’s likely end mean that Ichiho is the last original member of Gokigen Teikoku?

Pretty cool to make the new SCANDAL inaccessible, Sony!

Have a brutal weekend!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #66

  1. It’s like we-B just lost interest in NSD..
    The missed opportunities are the real disappointment. A year and a half of almost zero interaction between their two groups.
    I really wish they’d taken Codomomental’s collaboration approach..

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