Reading Lolisyn: Cautiously Optimistic

Caveat: The original title of this post was “Oh, for Fuck’s Sake”, so be thankful that a few minutes’ worth of messing around before writing got me to dial it back a bit

Say, remember Lolisyn? Like, in their way one of the early chika icons? That was terribly, inexplicably disbanded completely out of the blue, and had a final live for the ages? And then was announced as 564 REBOOT barely a month later, with a lineup that could have been described as an underground all-star team? And that immediately lost one of its key members? And then did a tiny handful of lives before the usual idol group troubles got the whole thing canceled before most people had a chance to even get used to its existence, which would have been difficult even on an infinite timeline because they almost never performed?

Well, it’s happening again.

I had given up on PAC Idol after the earlier Lolisyn debacle; I don’t know the people there, I’ve never interacted with them, and I came into idol when Lolisyn was already in collapse. Ergo, I have no particular foundation, one way or another, and can only go with what I’ve seen, which is that the company is mostly a hot mess that doesn’t know how to manage talent or make anything happen. Of course, I also don’t follow Himeniwa or Killed in Sadness the other stuff of theirs (nor do I try, anymore, because history), so maybe they’re actually completely lovely to work with and work hard to realize the success of their projects, and I’m the asshole.

But when Lee shared that in the group, I can only describe the feelings as a mix of hope (“hey, Lolisyn!”) and flippant disregard (/wanking motion). What are the odds that this turns out well? How invested should I get? Like, Hiro and Halu aren’t coming back, and none of the things that could have saved REBOOT (read: Waka) are going to be involved … and it’s PAC, with Lolisyn, which has already been through four(four?) iterations and really doesn’t need to go through that wringer again. We’ve done it.

HOWEVER, it’s Lolisyn, which was really good, and there’s enough there to be saved and still come away with a net positive, and some idol is still better than no idol, and at the very least I’ll have a good reason to wear my pink pentagram T-shirt (thanks Krv!) and tell people that it’s for a thing that is and not a thing that was. And maybe Lolisyn REVENGE will be good!

The members:

At least one of these girls is from Himeniwa, because that’s in her profile; the other, I’m following her but can’t think of from where. Gods be good, they’ll get more than an even chance to catch on and do things, not randomly be dissolved or fall apart without having done anything. They debut on March 3, or something.

Somebody help.