The Friday Fun You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Good day everyone! I’m sorry I totally forgot about #IdolValentines and so Maniac had to do it! Well, too late now. Here’s what should have been #IdolValentines last week:

Speaking of me and screw-ups, I had a bit of a mind-jumble last week on Twitter, when it was suggested to do a clickbait-inspired Friday Fun, but I could have sworn we already did that! And yet, when I looked it up, there was no record of it!

Pictured, me

Well, now I’m baffled.

But hey, even if we have done #IdolClickbait in the past, I’m sure its been long enough that we could do it again. I accidentally recycled #Idolsthetic last year after all, and if it really did happen, well, this time we’ve got an instant response generator in the form of TweetMashup if you’re too lazy to come up with your own idol clickbait titles. Easy!

Tweet us with the hashtag #IdolClickbait, and give us motivation for future articles!