Your Homicidols Weekender #57

Happy Saturday! I’m do

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  • Many of you took in NECRONOMIDOL last night, or have shows scheduled. May some god of not-evil protect us.

    You Can’t Tell Them What to Do

    Here’s an absolute shitload of Babyraids JAPAN talking about things:

    Shuuengo Buppan will up and replace the whole dang membership:

    Necroma is in California; DEADLIFT LOLITA is in Chicago. Only one of these places is burning to the earth — you do the math:


    There’s so much joy in Kindan no Tasuketsu tracks:

    Are you interested in Babymetal LINE stickers?

    Yajima Mai released the full MV for “REPLICA”:

    A little bit of Up Up Girls 2:

    For you BAND-MAID aficionados:

    Hey, EMPiRE translated!

    SAKA-SAMA lives are a delight, and all the more smile-to-face-bringing with La La Sugar involved:

    I don’t know what all Devil ANTHEM is up to at any given time, but it seems fun:

    I don’t know why Wonder Lander is always updating tracks, but it’s always welcome:


    Not even Japanese, let alone idol, but Black Thought freestyled like a boss for almost 10 minutes the other night:

    Are you interested in joining Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da?

    For whom, btw, I’m always reminded of Terry’s reaction videos when I see these screen captures:

    Shiori’s re-debut live:

    DEMON TAPES, behind DAIDAIDAI and other projects, is putting out a regular show:

    This has nothing to do with idols, homi- or otherwise, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t my new favorite conspiracy:

    Great idol right here:

    NATASHA will return to @JAM’s New Year Premium Party …

    … and then not be known as NATASHA anymore!

    Here’s a preview of the new one coming from C-Style:

    Kaqriyo Terror Architect is killing it on the Oricon Indies chart:

    SHINGEKI always makes me think that they really wanted to be Gokigen Teikoku:

    Five years of MAPLEZ, my goodness:

    A little look in on Lovely Summer-chan’s process:

    Have a great final weekend before Christmas engulfs us all!