Your Homicidols Weekender #54

Happy Saturday, friends! What a week we just had. It’s like idol spent the year being kind of lame just so it could spring something hectic and heavy on us during the twilight of the year. Enjoyable!

Two orders of business: As always, play the Fun; when you’re done with that, consider whether your personal Of the Year nominations are still what you want them to be, OR do them in the first place, you crazy person who’s missing out. The last-chance nominations thing will come not this week approaching, but the week after, so the dust can settle a little bit.

Oh and hey, how do you like Kerrie’s new banner? I got some updating to do!

Anything Else?

Stop this girl before she kills somebody:

Ruruko fans, rejoice!

One of the best things about being a PiGU fan is the sheer unpredictable chaos at the heart of the membership. Boss-san must either be a massive jerk, or Keikarin is secretly a monster behind the scenes or something:

It sure would be a shame if Luficer were ever allowed to release a video:

Somebody needs to talk with Aya about her apparent belief that she can bribe her way into the WACK election:

Hey, EMPiRE actually debuted!

I’ve never been a huge lyrical school fan, but this is legitimately nice:

My girl Ophelia 20mg:

BURST GIRL created an announcement ouroboros the other night, but it did stop for a second to:

Botan, the only good thing to have come out of DEVIL GUN, has gone solo:

Thanks, John!

Desu.Rabbits acoustic live, anybody?

Look at this new look from Yanakoto Sotto Mute, my goodness:

You’ll Melt More! and Youtopia are going to mess up the Best Of, I just know it:

Some members of Candy GO!GO! appear to be trapped in a horror movie:

You will fail to resist this little number:

While Mugen Regina 2.0 has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth, you can still enjoy Haruno Megumi talking about Christ knows what:

And juggling!

WACK’s official Most Interesting Project has another single on the way already:

Fans of Kurohara Yu-ri who followed her on to PUZZLE, you likely know that the project broke up quickly (of course it did); but were you aware that a video of theirs made it online?


Cheeky Parade can also regular-idol with the best of them:

Too sweet:

Damn, nicamoq:

Please continue your Deconstructing Idol 101 studies with this interview with Poppy and her producer:

All I ever want for 969 is success and happiness; at least Juri will probably be back:

You’ll Melt More!, live:

Have some FunFunFun!

It’s good for SHINGEKI to embrace my thing about idols doing pointless physical challenges:

The thing that most got my attention in this Not Secured, Loose Ends tour announcement is the “new members” line, of course:

KAMO, you’re welcome:

It’s been a minute since we last saw STARMARIE:

Devil ANTHEM has been putting out a lot of live video lately — here’s the best:

Ah, Zombie Powder will finally get an MV out, maybe!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Damn, do I love Corrosion of Conformity

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