There’s a Good Chance That This Will Be My Last Osaka Shunkashuto Post

Oh neat! Something new from Osaka Shunkashuto!

This song is lame and boring and a waste of MAINA’s talents and it’s been way too long since they did anything half as interesting as their work with Soezimax. Other folks can do whatever they want and that’s fine, but I’m considering the group to be Weekender filler at this point.

Please at least try to be cool again, whoever’s currently managing what used to be one of my favorite idol projects.

5 thoughts on “There’s a Good Chance That This Will Be My Last Osaka Shunkashuto Post

  1. Whoa!

    While I agree that it is not as good as anything off Early Season and I will be forever grateful for your introducing me to this group in the first place…

    I…really, really like it. I can’t wait to get hold of the whole thing and dance around my kitchen, shouting “TRAVELING! TRAVELING!” while my kids howl with embarrassment.

    Readers, perhaps you’ll agree with grumpy Mr. Maniac on this one but please press play on that clip once and give it a chance, eh?

  2. It’s not a great song or anything but i probably like this song more than most of their past oeuvre?
    Never was a fan of them, though, so that is not saying much.

    What immediately struck me was how cheap the video seems, I kind of assumed it was a “Dance version” video or something but that does not seem to be the case…
    If i am not mistaken that location is a pretty stock location for photo shoots(i think i have seen it like a dozen times…) so that could not have cost much to rent, lighting and cameras and other production elements seem cheap too…
    Even the costumes look kinda low-rent.

    Not getting a big allowance from avex, i guess?

    • No, it’s like avex said “welcome to the family; here’s your budget for the duration of the contract” and Fujiyama/whoever is doing actual management now was afraid to spend up front.

      I should probably clarify; my beef with the song and Syukasyun in general for the past year+ isn’t so much with the actual quality of the music (though sometimes the actual quality of the music) as it is with the fact that they used to be way more rock ‘n’ roll, or at least more fiery, and they’ve shifted toward more of an R&B Lite thing ever since “Baby Crazy” became a favorite. Which, fine, good for them if it works, and better even if it makes MAINA a star, as she’s hella talented and deserves to reap the rewards of that. I got a reputation to uphold, is all, and I should actually probably be more judicious when it comes to delivering on the Official Brand Promise of I got the Weekender for the random stuff, after all.

  3. Frankly I never liked them and I have no idea why they are a thing for alt-idol fans.

    I’ve seen them several times and their music in general is just not my cup of tea, in fact I saw them perform just before UUG in August and they sounds very similar to me and their presence is also very similar. I know most like them because of MAINA and sure she is a talented vocalist but I hate over-singing so most of the time I find her really annoying.

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