Your Homicidols Weekender #265

The end of the year is going fast as we race through the holiday season to the end of 2021. For all of those in school, I hope you were able to successfully put the seal on your capstone projects, ace all your finals and put another semester behind you.

A quick note on the Homicidols Best of 2021 timeline:

This coming Monday, December 20th, we will announce the Best of 2021 candidates based on your nominations and voting will begin. We will close the voting one week later, at the end of the day on Monday, December 27th. If anyone cares, Team Homicidols picks for Best of 2021 will be published the morning of Tuesday, December 28th. The final results of the community voting for Homicidols Best of 2021 will be announced on Friday, December 31st, just in time for you to celebrate or commiserate the results as you ring in the new year.

I think Christmas happens at some point during this time period as well, so if your family does that sort of thing, you may want to drop them a text or something. In the meantime, important stuff is happening like:  

Fresh from the family butchers, it’s some new PIGGS !

Those WACK-y puppydog girls MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN also have a Christmas song out, for all your Christmas needs.

If you’re still not done with the wintry-cold season, here’s Pedro’s latest  featuring Ayuni D singing about her snowy home in Hokkaido.

Now Goichi of cana ÷ biss  will warm you up with her latest solo single about love and biangbiang noodles.

Ilie , Kaneko Rie’s new project with Maison book girl’s former producer, dropped their first EP on streaming services.

The Homicidols Discord server continues to pay off: member Ziensa introduced us to Tokumei Mirage . Their motto is,  “Let’s do our best to be stupid” . I’m on board with that!

There were about 900 new idol units formed in the last year, so it you haven’t checked out situasion before now, you can be forgiven, but I highly recommend you stop putting it off.

Here’s Cinder-ella doing a phenomenal version of Yuyoyuupe’s “Leia”.

I subscribed to this YouTube channel a while ago but thought it was all just an acid flashback. Nope. Psychedelic rock idols exist. Meet Psyche to Raga .

It’s very kind of GO TO THE BEDS to release a tribute to MERRY BAD END during their hiatus.

I have been patiently waiting for some material from the excellently named
Schrödinger’s dog .

Hacimitsu Black drops another great live clip.

More great live stuff from POPPiNG EMO.

Need to practice your PassCode dance routines? Here ya go! 

Oshiloss Corner

Mashiro Naoko is leaving XOXO Extreme in February.

Yuna (former PassCode) has opened new social media accounts.

Dope-chan is disbanding.

Oshiloss Cleanser

Let’s forget our oshiloss by counting all the seamless tempo changes and genre shifts in CYNHN’s latest.

Weekend Radio

Here is the soundtrack to your weekend as curated by the denizens of the Homicidols Discord server. Drop by if you want to contribute to next weekend’s playlist.

Have a good weekend !!