You guys, it’s time we talk about Leiwan!

It’s been a long time coming, but there’s this banger group that I have seen very few people discuss, and thus, I feel like I should cover them. However, because I love some suspense (and context, I love context the most), let me first provide a brief primer on their entire parent company

Those of you who have been around for a while have certainly heard the name Aibeck, a group that has been around since 2017. While they have a long track record, most of the members of the group graduated in August 2019 and the group has been active as a duo before rebooting with an additional 4 new members mid-2020. They are all excellent vocalists and it’s a very impressive group to see live. Aibeck is part of an agency called COMRIZED, who currently have 4 groups under their banner, including a training group called COMRIZED SATELLITE and a brand new one that includes a member who was in Imaginate’s Nue because they were disbanded. 

So, as you likely gathered from the introduction, Leiwan is AIBECK’s sister group. It launched a year later than the former, under the name AIQ. Of that era, only Mashiro (no, not that one, nor that one) and Nemuco, a late comer to AIQ, remains. They rebooted as Terrorythym in 2019 and then changed their name to their current one when the new Japanese era was announced.

The members are as follow:

Kuroi Mashiro, a japanese girl with brown red long hair wearing a black costume with puffy sleeves and a fluffy skirt

Kuroi Mashiro, whose member color is Yellow and who is the leader and sole original member of the original lineup,

Japanese girl with mid-length blonde and black hair wearing an asymetrical top with a detached arm warmer and a skirt

Nekono Nemuko, whose member color is Purple and who follows her own pace, managing to look simultaneously relaxed and powerful on stage,

Japanese girl with a black bob wearing a oversized black dress

Mio Monster, member color blue, is a very small vocal powerhouse who looks deceptively delicate,

Japanese girl with black and pink hair tied into high pigtails, wearing an athletic dress with gothic lolita influences

And last but not least, Uzuki Ayaka, who bears the member color pink and who is in charge of adding a Gothic Lolita flavor to the group.

One particularity of Leiwan is that their entire discography is, for the moment, digital. It is also available on most streaming services. If you need a starting point for checking them out, may I recommend the very catchy Yabai?  Enjoy your week!