Your Homicidols Weekender #211

Good morning! I hope you’re all doing well and feeling safe and healthy. This past week was the real beginning of holiday time here at Manic Mansion. Sure, we had Thanksgiving the week before, and “winter” for all intents and purposes started here right after Halloween, but it didn’t start to settle in that it’s REALLY CHRISTMAS TIME OMG until the other day, when Fiancee hauled out our limited decorations and we started to talk about how we could put a nice shine on the place. I tell you, it was a very nice change of pace from the completely batshit grind of the past however many months. I think people are in part exhausted and in part looking for something else to pay attention to. The organization I work for went into what we could charitably call Downseason Mode, which means way fewer meetings, fewer assignments, much more forgiveness about timelines … and with that, more time to spend on one’s hobbies, like idol.


Enjoy. And if you haven’t already, remember to get your Best Of nominations to Kerrie before the door closes and we make you all vote for winners and people who didn’t pay attention and sniff their own farts send us hate mail.


New single incoming from the too-quiet-too-long Minna no Kodomo-chan:

From ZOC too, but Katy’s out the door:

I like CYNHN; I love this:

Aphrodite live:

And PassCode:

Remember when Pan felt like the future? I sure do.

They may have taken Q’ulle from us, but they’ll never take away dance, or at least not Manako:

I will force-feed you Ringwanderung:

It’ll be a good goodbye for WILL-O’:

It feels weird to read these new interviews with new Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and think about the old interviews that the Anonymous Translator helped out with:

This might be the loudest thing Devil ANTHEM has ever done and I’m very here for it after that nightmare fuel they released before:

I appreciate RILISREVERSE completely owning their HAMIDASYSTEM past:

This is your annual update on Ophelia 20mg:

Oh okay, so it’s PARADISES having auditions and WAgg members in that whole competition thing releasing a (digital-only) EP because they’ve done well?

Sari’s latest is so, so great:

I don’t know, maybe the isolated vocals aren’t the best way to get you to buy the new Kaishin no Ichigeki album:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Worl’s End, who … honestly, I can’t keep up with all of the various things here. They were Marionet and then hiatused and rebooted as Worl’s End and probably some other stuff over the course of the year that I missed. Whatever. Fumimi’s there, that’s good enough for me. But anyway, they’re apparently doing the “new beginning” thing again after the tour final last weekend:

And then there was this:

All right! Thank goodness they didn’t do anything else or we’d have ourselves yet another extremely late entry to worry about for Best Of!

Bonus in Focus

You likely saw the news that Cal’s favorite Aina the End is finally getting her own solo album:

This is really goddamn good though:

AYUMIKURIKAMAKI may be not that much fun anymore, but I’ll never pass on Maki in a tiny hat:

Very promising stuff from this OWARANAIDE, YORU EP:

When you’re just Twittering along and suddenly:

For when you wanted to hear new tracks from SAKA-SAMA but like being played on a Walkman in an empty cathedral:

So that you don’t miss out on TORIENA:

DIE/NING are back to being DoroDoro and releasing a thing:

Who, who will be the last LAST IN MY CULT?

Never, ever change, Kamen Joshi:

I bagged pretty hard on Vivid Chicken the last time I saw an MV of theirs, but this is nice:

Happy for them:

If you have three and a half hours to waste, waste them with miscast:

Somebody please teach Fumimi how to hold a gun properly:

Have a great weekend!