Your Homicidols Weekender #202

Good morning! I am delivering this Weekender a few minutes late because your ol’ pal Maniac … has a few days to himself! And had a sendoff to manage! And may or may not be attending to other family business at the same time but not yet so it’s already jammies-and-bacon time here at Maniac Mansion.

It’s those little things that I’m always saying that you have to appreciate, see. Like, with everything else going on, of course now we have to face a governing crisis a month before an election and, like, stakes so high that you almost want to go all in just to see what happens but are logically afraid of losing it all in the process. What a world!

Anyway, weird Weekender here, on the short side for good reasons. I do hope that you’re considering the various guides we published, from TIF to Bandcamp to not-TIF. Get your idol on!

For Once He Doesn’t Mention the Weather

As I was saying, that PIGGS MV was clearly shot as part of one of these ridiculous not-marathon marathon sessions:

Yeah, new Chiaki album!

Live PARADISES digest:


And to keep it even more in the company, BiSH:

I never won’t think it’s basically criminal that K-pop is having this huge international moment and Dance for Philosophy can still barely get into five digits for YouTube views:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is BURST GIRL, if for no greater reason than they added all of this video from their one-man the other day:

I’m not sure there’s another group of people in idol who I wish better things for.

ZOC pretty much upgraded that record deal, didn’t they?

You’re allowed to not like Merry Bad End, but only so much:

From the same event, ZOMBIE POWDER, who I sometimes forget that I do kind of like:

And while we’re live-ing, Malcolm Mask McLaren:

This is really happening, huh?

Man, when was the last time we got to talk about Gokigen Teikoku?

Big oof re: Tears:

If you know what this Jekyll and Hyde business is about, do tell me:

What happens when Aina the End meets up with Maximum the Hormone?

Have a great weekend!