This PIGGS Song Absolutely Rocks

We have a resident PIGGSpert here at Homicidols Dot Com. That is Cal. Cal did not seem to be nearly as interested in this as I was, and I’m in a mood, so I’m writing about PIGGS now from the standpoint of a person who was almost completely out of the idol loop for most of the first half of the year, which is when PIGGS became a thing straight from the fertile mind of one Pour L. Lui. It is the privilege of ownership!

So yeah, PIGGS both announced a new thing and showed off a new thing yesterday, and I reiterate that it absolutely rocks, and I will also add that I’ve now played it through somewhere in the vicinity of 15 times, only a handful of them concurrent. It’s worth your time!


This happened at exactly the right moment, too, because I was in no mood to do any of the usual folderol yesterday. Current events, nagging leg injury, going stir-crazy, friggin’ Spotify on the fritz again … better put on YouTube! OH LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! Instant shot in the arm.

I’ve been a late adopter for PIGGS, which is odd considering that Pour Lui is as close to an idol in the Western sense to me as anybody in the entire industry. Part of it for sure is because some past efforts outside of the WACK umbrella were less than great, part of it was that BILLIE IDLE felt like a proper retirement move, and part of it I think was just exhaustion. Like, let it go girl! You personally changed idol and with that an entire world of music. You did that. You don’t have to keep doing it.

I was clearly wrong to think so! Yes, the latest iteration of BiS is much more in line with what Lui started than what she picked back up in 2016, but you can never have enough full-bore punk rock idols as far as I’m concerned. I also have no context but I feel like this was filmed very similarly to BiS’s marathon thing a little while back, given the utter exhaustion from the members at the end, so if you do have context, please fill me in!

Oh and this is notable because PIGGS is releasing an EP in December. If it’s like this, I’m sure it’s going to kick ass. And that’ll be a shame, because it’s going to happen right when we’re pretty much done voting on Best Of, but then so early for 2021 that it may as well have never even happened.