Making Sense of More Change in Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

In part ignore the title on this one because I’m not actually trying to make any sense of this news for you; this is my way of working through an unhappy thing in my head and subjecting you to the process via blog post. You’re welcome.

So a couple of days ago, you likely saw the announcement from Zenkimi that, to add insult to injury following their hiatus-and-also-two-members-are-leaving announcement from, what, a month? two months go, dropped the biggest bombshell to date:

Mashiro’s out, taking the group down to a final OG member (and of course it’s Red, but I digress), and releasing enough angst in Team to power a small prototype version of the Death Star that could maybe blast some asteroids but definitely not a whole planet.

Of course, the show must go on:

Gigs booked, new members in the fold. A veritable icon dips out quietly and it’s barely a speed bump.

This could be a sort of fresh start for the group, such as it is. Given what we know about how things started way back in the day, it’s possible that Megumi will stick around as long as she feels like it, though she is the elder stateswoman now by far and might not have the energy to want to keep up the usual pace with people she only barely knows. But that Codomomental is staffing right back up tells me that they have a continuity plan, probably worked it out with Megumi, and one way or another we’ll have Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da for years yet to come.

In the meantime, let’s remember the (recent) good ol’ days:

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  1. Kazuki Mizutani posted something on Twitter that suggests she’s leaving the music business altogether sadly. I was really hoping she’d be focusing on MAOA2R full time.

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