Your Homicidols Weekender #170

Hi all! Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday? Did you send lots of Idol Valentines? Maniac is setting sail on The Love Boat for the time being, so I guess you’ve got this sad sack taking over this weekend!

Following last week’s drama, it seems this week was a fairly slow one in comparison. After all, not many exciting things to see when its Valentine’s weekend and half these idols probably have a love ban. Or maybe we’ll get lots of surprise dismissal announcements the coming Monday? Oh well, I’m rambling again. Let’s just get into the interesting stuff.

Who wants another re-recording of the Gokigen Teikoku‘s Yakiniku song?

In case you needed a reason to cut your internet connection, run far, far away and hide in an underground bunker for a week, the annual trainwreck that is the WACK Audition Camp has been scheduled for March 22 to 28.

Speaking of WACK, I never knew I needed a BiSH drag act until literally just now.

WACK’s old golden girl Pour Lui also featured on a song from electronic musician sleepyhead! The project is the same track recorded with different vocals and lyrics from various artists:

There’s a new Seireki13ya single on the way.

Friend of Homicidols, Chaotic Harmony are turning 4-years-old this week! If you can bring yourself to leave the house, and are somewhere near Hampton, Virginia, go wish them a “Happy Birthday” and maybe get some free stuff.

New Herosyn:

And, new Underbeasty.

New with a vaporwave/80’s aesthetic twist for people who’re still missing Especia:

Is it idol if the band are considered members? I dunno, but i like ice cream. Meet The Amaze Alamode!

Also introducing Moimeme – these look promising.

Scene Godmother Oomori Seiko has released a 3-CD greatest hits collection.

Oshiloss Corner

If you thought I’d forgotten about this, you’d be right!

Ex-Wear Raise has a new twitter:

Mochiko (formerly Zenkimi‘s Gomochi) has resurfaced after a year of twitter silence.

Former Karen Girl’s and Sakura Gakuin President Ayami Muto has a new song out.

In non-idol news, Otoboke Beaver fans everywhere are asking themselves, is the new digital single hitting too close to home?

We just don’t share enough reminders than Cinema and Boy CQ are one of the most unique and compelling live experiences in the whole idol scene…

Enjoy your weekend!!