A Belated Bukuga Body Horror Valentines

Maison book girl releasing a music video while Storm Dennis batters the UK feels oddly appropriate considering they’re like the idol equivalent of being indoors on a rainy evening. As comforting as their music often sounds, however, their videos are sometimes the opposite, such as today’s offering, “Kanashimi no Kodomotachi”.

If the song  sounds familiar, that’s because they released an album in December, and for some reason, chose to post a music video from it two months later. Is it a belated Valentines gift? Is it to promote their best-of album coming out in April? One things for sure, you can always bet on Bukuga to release music videos that belong in galleries. There’s a reason they always show up on the Best-Of shortlist every year! The “Kanashimi no Kodomotachi” video is no exception, being equal parts beautiful and grotesque, and I’m sure there’s a message behind it all but I’m about as dense as a brick. The animation style and body horror reminded me a little bit of Vampillia and Togawa Jun’s “lilac” from several years ago, actually, another music video that both left me in awe and discomfort. 

It’s an inevitability at this point that Bukuga show up multiple times on our Best-Of shortlist, and, considering I’m a sucker for stylistic animated videos, this could be an early contender. On the other hand, it’s still very early in the year; who knows what the likes of other Best Video Regulars such as You’ll Melt More! and BiSH are going to push out over the course of the year? I’m excited to see it.