A Very Newsworthy Friday Fun

Hi all! Last week, I was still too busy getting everything settled in my new home, but thankfully Maniac, Supreme Nothing and co. took over to tremendous success!


This week, I’ll be too busy watching the Bojack Horseman finale and trying to avoid reading about current events. But, in keeping with this Friday sure to be ripe with terrifying-sounding news updates about Brexit, impeachment and disease, we’ll be generating a different kind of fake news!

An expansion of a previous thread of mine, that is in turn, that look of restrained fury or bewilderment, often holding or pointing to an offending item, typically illustrating a news article about something mundane that’s been blown hilariously out of proportion Angry People In Local Newspapers is the prime example of this.

I took this semi-meme and ran with it, taking the most compo face-looking idol pics in my collection and giving them appropriate headlines. See where this is going yet?

That’s right, you’re gonna take out of context idol photos and turn them into news stories! As you can see, I personally prefer the “angry people in local newspapers” variety, but really, you can go in whatever direction you feel like with this. Not everyone lives in a world where The Daily Mirror is recommended reading, after all.

So, dig through your saved pictures folder, and submit your matching headlines with #IdolBreakingNews. I’m going to go cry over an alcoholic cartoon horse now.