Broken By The Scream: Proof That Idols Can Melt Faces and Put Them Back Together Again

Well if this wasn’t a hell of a thing to wake up to, and by “this” I mean the message from Kerrie that said (I’m paraphrasing) “zomg Maniac new MV from BBTS I think that only a person of your stature and grace can write about that.” This is a good thought! That kind of flattery will definitely get your somewhere!

So without further ado, and I hope as not too much of a spoiler, let me say, let’s take a look at this beast:

This is the kind of composition that I needed from BBTS, man. Idol groups writ large are usually guilty of It’s-all-the-same-itis, because you find your groove and you ride that thing until somebody tells you to stop. In fact, that’s probably been the #1 complaint about BBTS in the past, that ultimately all of their songs blend together into one disastrous cacophony — yeah, Kagura and Io are cool and all, but give us some new moves, etc.

Well, they found those new moves and didn’t even have to stray too far from the formula to do it. Listen to this thing! The song’s all over the damn place vocally. Yae and Ayame wind up being the most important pillar in the end because their part grounds the whole piece, which is tough because whoever wrote this one had apparently been listening to a whole mess of early deathcore and Converge at their proggiest and stuff like that. Good lord this song goes places.

Refreshing, face-melting, smile-reconstituting … like I said in the 2019 preview, those poor souls at Saboten have no idea what they’re about to be hit with. I hope it’s BBTS’s big intro to a bigger, louder world.