Your Homicidols Weekender #121

Good lord, is it the weekend again already? I don’t want to speak for anybody else, but these past few-odd days have been a whirlwind — work in abundance, other obligations piled up, the seasons being in that weird in-between where you can have like 50-degree temperature ranges over 72 hours and still get back to where you started. At one point last night, I was writing an email to a colleague and realized that, whoops, it actually is Friday and what are you doing with yourself? And the thing was, I didn’t mind. I just finished what I was doing, closed up shop and tried to take some chill time.

All that, and it was actually a pretty good week in idol, at least at the end, which I think this low-volume-high-quality Weekender will attest to. We are approaching the big spring release season, thank heavens, and … well, Corenament time is practically upon us. I can’t wait for all the people complaining about the thing that they’re under no obligation to observe!

Enjoy this one, kids. The Fun is high-concept as hell and you should go spend time on it, flex those artistic chops. Then check out all of this stuff, and enjoy yourself one dang fine weekend. I’d say “on me,” but you’re going to have to pay for yourselves, you miscreants.

This Isn’t a Date, You Buffoon

O’CHAWANZ meets 3776, the Movie:

When you’re like, dang, I need that LADYBABY lyric book:

This is an excuse to show off Payrin’s a little bit more:

Because you can never get enough NaNoMoRaL:

I hope you Ano stans are happy:

This latest one from I.D.And Fly LooM is absolutely all over the goddamn place and I love it:

A full AIBECK live for you:

At the risk of leaving us with another THE BANANA MONKEYS post, like, who else is half as compelling on the full run of merits right now?

Another one from the new MIGMA SHELTER:

They’re besties, you guys:

Behind the scenes of the big EMPiRE gig:

Hey, fresh BILLIE IDLE single, plus a new thing to follow:

New one from SHINGEKI that’s just as SHINGEKI as you’d expect:

I see this thing making the rounds and I’m like, well then:

The newest member of Candye Syrup:

Here’s a shot from one that we’ll eventually get around to finish profiling for you guys:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is COLOR’Z, part of the group succession from Bell Agency following the demise of DISDOL. I have only ever referred to them via Weekender, and I see no reason to break that streak now, so the fact that they showed off this cover of a DISDOL classic:

Along with this one that’s way more in their normal wheelhouse:

They have a one-man coming up, so think about it if you like what you hear! And now we can get back to barely paying attention to the group!

If you haven’t heard the latest from Kaqriyo Terror Architect yet, now’s the time:

Enjoy NEO JAPONISM in front of a very lively crowd:

The next installment in REGiNA KiSS’s weird video thing:

Suzuka of Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders launched a new talk show on YouTube. Her fist guest? Gang Parade!!

When life gives you lemons, make a Desu.Rabbits dance video:

Have a great weekend!