Every Aesthete’s Favorite Friday Fun

For something I scrambled together last-minute, last week’s Fun had a lot of traffic!

So no doubt you’ve seen the latest Banamon controversy by now.

Yup, what started off as a Liberty Leading The People parody quickly blew up into a whole hot mess of angry BiS members, coverage on news websites, a debate about “is this a tribute or is this shade to the graduated idols?” and a shock realisation that I’m not as big of a fan as neither Banamon nor Codomomental as I thought I was.

But lets just skim over the controversy for a moment and look at this purely as an artistic tribute to one of the most famous works in art history. Specifically, what other fine art pieces could be manipulated with idols for the sake of parody?

You don’t have to draw the art from scratch of course, but this week, lets insert idols into famous works of art! We’re making our own Idol Louvre, kids!

Hashtag your creations #FineArtIdols, and we’ll display the best ones in next week’s Fun!