Your Homicidols Weekender #12

What an asshole of a week, being all hard to follow and filled with things that disappointed me. The WACK Audition Predictions game is still happening; also, if you don’t mind, could you let us know about upcoming release dates, etc.?

So What’d We Miss?

BUNNY KISS, the final live, that’s something that we missed. Kanna actually wrote a nice little blog post about the whole thing; Carua remains a ghost.

No more nanoRider now, either:

It was the Official First Birthday of the other day; it was likewise the first birthday for Garry’s Idol Is Shit. His message covered pretty much all of it!

One of the ex-Koutei Camera Girls teased out her first solo release:

This is funny, albeit sad at the same time; Desu.Rabbits inexplicably had their YouTube account deleted yesterday:

Bucho’s reaction was fantastic:

Man, remember when PASSPO had that awesome “Thriller”-inspired video? Niji no Conquistador went the zombie route, too:


This happened:

Speaking of traditional Japanese music incorporated into metal, 2hat are your thoughts on the latest from Wagakki Band?

Or, if you’re a Codomomental supporter, from milcboy?

Remember what I said before about you not being allowed to dislike amiiinA?

I’m just skipping over regular ol’ news and keeping it all on music, huh? Like Rinahamu’s latest for Strawberry Syndrome, which is like the idolest thing I’ve ever heard from her:

Not so much the case when it comes to Ten Tenko!


Have the weekend you’ve always wanted to have!

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