I Am the Spirit of Homicidols.com: Happy Stupid Birthday to Me

Well, amigos, it actually happened: It’s the first birthday of Homicidols.com, and … I’m honestly kind of stumped on what to do about that. Despite not having any particular religious or cultural opposition to it, I’m not really much of one for celebrating Maniac Day, so all I know of birthdays stops at the age of 21, i.e., the time I decided to celebrate with friends and got so drunk that I fought a bathroom and was still hungover three days later.

Anyway, Garry and I managed to launch our sites at approximately the same time, and we were talking about the upcoming milestone and he’s doing a thing that’s going to be pretty cool, so I thought, hell, why not. In other words, indulge me a bit of navel-gazing; it’s the least you jamokes can do.

A year. A stupid year. 365 entire stupid days. Homicidols.com has officially lasted longer than just about any hobby I’ve ever had. It may surprise you to learn that it’s not even the hardest I’ve worked at something with little to no payoff, but suffice it to say that it’s a massive yoke around my neck at even the best of times. Lesson: NEVER CARE ABOUT THINGS.

I kid a little, but I’ll also happily bellyache a little bit out loud; literally the worst feeling is putting a decent chunk of time into researching something, putting together all of the ancillary material, writing and coding and the basic rigamarole of managing a website … and then nobody even looks at it. As I’ve pointed out before, I don’t care all that much about the page views because I don’t have any ads and my ego is hilarious, but I do like to see an individual post get good, and repeat, traffic; it means that you care a little bit about it and validate the work, and validate the idols.

Bellyaching aside, it’s been a fun ride. Just by the numbers:

  • 231,150 page views (probably inaccurate!)
  • 1,406 posts
  • 58 things that I haven’t published (in some cases, yet) (in other cases, waiting for Senior Week)
  • 27 of you are actual subscribers to this thing; bless you
  • More comments than I ever expected to get
  • A lot of cool friends (shut your ass-face mouth)

That’s a lot of stuff! I remember thinking when I started that maybe a post or two a day would be more than enough, especially because I wanted to focus more on commentary and appreciation than ZOMG LOOGIT THE MOOSIC, but I’ve been reading analytics at work for a long time and tried to keep the content moving toward where there was going to be audience, especially new audience. It seems to be working. Also, the idol world is way bigger than I anticipated, and our kinds of idols just keep proliferating like a plague.

Like with any project, there are naysayers. There are even people who I know I’ve let down from over-promising, and I’m sorry for it. You’re entitled to feel sore! You can think I’m just a big dumb jerk! However, allow me to retort by using one of the schoolyard’s greatest challenges: Let’s see you do it.

And I mean that very literally! If you’re like “Homicidols is butt,” then make your own website. Start a fan community on Facebook. Ditto for if you’d prefer something more analytical and think-piecey. The various standing fan fora are good places for talking with other fans, but we need to be doing more out in the open, period, to hold up and actually, actively promote idols and their music. I feel like I’ve managed to make a little bit of a dent in that, and so have the social admins and other site owners who keep churning — the simple fact is that just building volume and presence does a lot to help, and everybody who cares about outcomes should try to participate in that.

On that note, I’d like to make a bunch of crazy-ass promises about the next year, but the simple fact is that I have no real idea of what’s ahead. The Corenament is going to happen again, and it’s gonna get weird; Tsurezure’s coming to Canada, which we should all try to attend if for no greater reason than to say hi and buy each other Molsons and french fries with cheese and gravy; Phase II, which you probably don’t realize you’ve been helping with, is going to continue and with more direct asks for your assistance; and Sister Site somehow remains a topic, and a topic of increasing validity, and that may yet happen, and it may happen kind of soon.

But anyway, a year in, there’s been progress and pain and so much damn work and it’s been a good ride. Stick around for what’s next. We can make a lot of fun things happen together.

19 thoughts on “I Am the Spirit of Homicidols.com: Happy Stupid Birthday to Me

  1. Oh, Happy birthday site 😀

    My launch is just two weeks ago, I guess this is the time of year for that stuff. Anyway, I will help with the load and try not to over lap stories too much. I think we have been doing a pretty good job of it so far.
    Congrats on the one year and hope for many more.


  2. Happy 1st birthday! I had the impression this website had been going on for a lot longer (like, 2-3 years). That’s quality.

    I am very thankful to have found a new fandom at the time my old one was falling apart (H!P, and I’ve been a fan for… 13 years? That’s longer than anything I have done, except school.) Sure, it’s a fandom so there will always be people bickering, but I believe Homicidol does a trueoy great job of being entertaining and bringing people together.

    Long live Homicidol.com!

    (Also, I figured I could celebrate by sharing weird, semi-related performance art I re-discovered yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=r6_ludnO61A ENJOY.)

  3. Only one year? Wow, I thought it was at least two! Really, I know how much time managing a website takes, I’ve done that for years when I was younger, and seeing you being so productive everyday is truly impressive. Hats off!
    Thanks for giving so much of your time for such a niche hobby, you’re one of the reason I managed to get deeper into the whole underground idol culture, so I do think you’re doing a great job at helping spreading our love.

  4. Happy Homicidols Day 🙂

    I gotta say a site like this makes it so much easier to get drowned in the wonderful world of alt.idol.mania.

    May there many more years/aeons.

  5. I can subscribe? I don’t know how the Internet works anymoer…

    But I know how birthdays work so Happy One of Those, Homicidols Dotcom!!

  6. Let me also say “Happy Birthday”.
    Your work is appreciated. I’ve lost count of the amount of cool/fun music this site has led me to.
    Thank you.

  7. Congratulations! Thanks to WordPress’ not-so-elegant comment-level email subscriptions, I can tell you I’ve subscribed to over 90 comment threads on this site since I started using this email address consistently, and probably a few dozen before that.
    Also does your “27 subscribers” figure only count email subscribers? I’m among the truly enlightened visitors who subscribe via RSS. I see there are 2 of us on NewsBlur, and I challenge the other subscriber to make his or herself known!

  8. Happy Birthday. You put a lot into this as a hobby! I really enjoy reading your articles and I’ve learned about some other cool idols that I didn’t know about! Let’s have another great year!

  9. I looked into what a good gift for a 1 year old was, your teething ring and bath toys are in the mail. Congrats even though I only found this site about a month ago.

  10. Happy B-day! You’ve helped me discover some new favorites in the alt. idol genre, so your work on this site 100% matters to your fans! Hoping for many more years to come.

  11. ホミサイドルさん、誕生日おめでとう!Aside from helping out a little here and there with new Idol material, there’s a lot of things I would not have known or discovered without this website. I’m with the many who appreciates all you do. I know running a website and moderating is a time consuming task and I even thought about creating my own about a year ago but my music production and other ventures takes precedence to it. I don’t have much as a gift right now but while I’m in Tokyo I’ll try to report back on cool things like the new BELLRING resurrection group, the new NECRONOMIDOL and BiS albums and stuff like that. In the meantime here’s Moa-chan and friends to sing you a birthday song:

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