NECRONOMIDOL Will Officially Have the Most Appropriate Release Format This Year

I know what you’re thinking, and I should append the title with “… That Isn’t Human Skin,” but SEO and all that

Shame on me, friends, for almost not catching this very retro-appropriate press release from Necroma — never send email, basically — and not being able to share …

… that they’re doing a limited release of (Maniac’s album of the year) from chaos born on cassette.

This is where you should pay attention:

  • The international distributor is Moe Death
  • There will be 100 copies available
  • The release date is Sunday, Feb. 5 (that’s two days away), but ordering appears to be available now
  • Though the cassette will also be venue-available in Japan, this release is your only chance to get the thing at the excellent collectors’ price of $8; they’re hand-numbered FFS!
  • It’s all six songs, all on both sides of the cassette
  • You may need PayPal
  • Order here; there’s a notes field on the order form, and it might be funny if you wrote “Maniac sent me” because I’d be curious to know how impact-y sharing this for them was

The irony is that I spent a ton of energy dragging VHS the other day, but I genuinely love these cassettes. I have a lot of them!

Oh and DEATHLESS is now less than three weeks away. OF COURSE we’ll be doing something fun for that!

15 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL Will Officially Have the Most Appropriate Release Format This Year

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, it’s been at least two decades since I bought a cassette, so it was very retro to order this.

  2. Just ordered mine. I had to make sure I still had a tape deck. Lol. Can’t beat that price and the fact they ship to the U.S.

  3. I kind of want Necronomidol to bring back to life a ton of dead media, despite the fact I don’t own anything to play them anymore.

  4. Thanks Maniac – had to have it even though i don’t have a tape deck LOL
    It can sit next to my vinyl copy of Nemesis as i don’t have a record player either!

  5. My band still releases on cassette.. most of the 20 something punk/underground bands who play outlaw basement shows still do..

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