Your Homicidols Weekender #114

Good morning! I have to say, 2019 is shaping up to be maybe the roughest year in idol since I started following back in 2014. A lifetime ago, practically! It feels like a blessing in a way to be so, well, goshdarned upset about the rash of graduations and breakups in these early weeks of January, because it means that I got to cross metaphorical paths with people who left an imprint on me, and that matters. So yeah, you may be losing an oshi (possible plural at once!), and you might not get to see that person and the work of theirs that you prize, but your life is richer for having them having been part of it, and thank the gods for it.

And, you know, it’s idol. You’ll find another favorite or 10 again in no time!

I’ll admit that this isn’t really my favorite time on the calendar, and not just because it’s a time of high turnover — it’s also a time when, I guess because of the academic calendar, the business of idol slows a bit. There’s not as much stuff, and the first big run of debuts for the year is still a few months off, so you need to find ways to amuse yourself. Like, for instance, deranged fan faction!

A giant-ass winter storm has been ripping through the country the last couple of days, and heaven help the poor souls in New England about to get snowed under. An excellent excuse to explore your artistic side while playing the Fun, and then ripping through a halfway quality Weekender!

Halfway Is Better Than No Way

Ex-oshi seems to be taking well to life outside of idol:

Meanwhile, every tweet from Shidare is like a dagger to the heart:

A new year’s greeting from the new Candye Syrup:

Did you catch the new MEW MEW?

Does anybody have video of SAKA-SAMA EXTREME? Asking for a friend:

And speaking xoxo EXTREME, enjoy their VR adventure:

Watch out for Papermaiden and her angry blade should anybody disparage Cinema and Boy CQ:


When Qumali Depart goes full denpa:

BiSH and ska things, sure:

There’s a new spin-off from APOKALIPPPS:

A chunk of live Melon Batake a go go:

I’m happy that Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has finally gotten around to releasing live video; I just wish they’d demo more of their bangers:

DEVIL NO ID got themselves a TV theme, apparently:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is NO MARK, who had their first one-man over the weekend:

That’s pretty good for a grimy little punk unit! As part of the festivities, they announced an upcoming live band set in conjunction, I believe, with the release of their first single, which for reasons unknown to the universe itself isn’t happening until June:

And a lot more:

Lein is back to old tricks:


Had we mentioned that Wagamama Rakia was doing a gig of old NEVE SLIDE DOWN material? That’s neat:

I liked this SPARK SPEAKER promo:

By the way, they have another one-man coming up, and you should go to it.

NaNoMoRaL, you guys:

Sharing because Shiori herself shared it, even though it’s way old!

My favorite thing about AIBECK has to be how incredibly seriously not seriously they take themselves:

Philosophy no Dance with one of my favorite things in a long time:

So sweet:

Have a great weekend!

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