Let’s Catch up with a Whole Bunch of UNDER BEASTY

Please allow me to apologize to one of my low-key favorite things in idol, going all the way back to when random YouTube dives were all you really had to compare to the handful of English-language resources for chika idol: UNDER BEASTY, I done you wrong, and I’m here today to make it right. We need to catch up!

Gah, where to begin. Well, probably with the fact that they’re about to release their … fifth? Fifth single:

Notable in that? I mean, I was stoked as heck when UB was picked up by One-to-One a while back and saw it as a chance for them to break out a little bit bigger into the limelight, and that turns out to be well-founded, because now they’re on a dang major label!

Like, a real one!

This was announced at their sixth(!) one-man a little while back, and I want to share this in particular because this is one heck of a one-man crowd for a group that started off as indie as indie gets:

Also, looking at the banner, I’m impressed with UB’s membership, which should by all rights have undergone a ton of change at this point, but, this pretty neat thing aside, has been incredibly stable. Heck, even Yua’s tiny hat is still in the picture. Amazing.

In true fashion, one must end an UNDER BEASTY post with a live clip, as nobody in idol shares more of their lives, no matter how much of the same thing it usually turns out to be:

I’m proud!