Next They’ll Be Charging $50 per Ticket to See This Friday Fun on Exhibition

How many of you guys are still weeping? Yup.

I can’t believe we almost went a week without a Friday Fun, lads. Yep, I think seeing Sari’s unwhitened face blew me away so much that I was incapable of rational thought! Then I saw some guys on Facebook arguing over the deeper meaning of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and I swore I could see the lightbulb just flashing above my head!

Let’s be real guys, most of us like idol for very shallow reasons; cute girls singing catchy songs are fun. Sure, there’s plenty of idols who do present a certain message or depth with their performances, but as a whole, idol ain’t that deep. But, what if you want to come off as an intellectual about your cute girls singing catchy songs? Well, this Friday Fun is for you!

Remember how in literature class, how teachers would try to convince you that the author writing “he ate porridge for breakfast” was some kind of symbolism? Or when pretentious art critics would make claims like “the artist painted this bottle as a commentary on today’s capitalist society” when really the artist just liked drawing bottles? Yeah, like that, but with idol stuff.

The hashtag is #MakeIdolDeep and get ready for some true art analysis over here.