Your Homicidols Weekender #110

Happy Saturday, friends! You’ll all forgive me of course for cutting straight to the meat: We had a hell of a week, with the your and our Best Ofs publishing (hooray for the winners!) and of course feelings being hurt and threats made. Exciting! It’s also the holiday season, which for once I’m personally going to take partial advantage of and not not spend most of it working. All the work that I want to do is to host this gathering of friends at Maniac Mansion tomorrow, and get everybody full of good cheer and also lots of booze!

Enjoy the season, mis amigos, and keep it simple. Connect with the good people and things in life, and to hell with what troubles you. If the good includes idol, play the Fun because it’s an absolute celebration, and keep an eye out for idols dressed as Santa Claus.

And to All a Good Night?

TORIENA, have mercy:

Here’s another live one from Bury:

Details on the upcoming GANG PARADE album:

Here’s a thing from Chiyono Ide, all that’s left of 3776 basically:

I can’t get enough of this from ayumikurikamaki:

Hmm, NoA with a band …

This little promo filled me with unease:

I was not familiar with POMERO until now!

Our precious Dots didn’t release a ton of stuff this year, but they kept right on making amazing little videos:

Devil ANTHEM uploaded some live video this week, here being the highlight:

Did I share the latest Dance for Philosophy yet? Because they’re channeling late-era Especia here, and shut up:

You’ll deal with me randomly posting Ophelia 20mg until the day in some godforsaken future when she stops idoling:


I’ll just leave this to Kerrie:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is the somewhat mysterious uijin sister group raymay, whose little promo spots have been getting increasingly interesting:

Can’t wait til tomorrow!

In honor of PiGU’s kind-of resurrection, here’s Keikarin’s solo single from a couple of years ago, discovered by Chris:

Very happy for Gu-Gu LULU to be having their first one-man:

The composer for Wagamama Rakia apparently wrote this?

The going-band experience seems to have worked out pretty well for REGiNA KiSS, so much so that they can get away with not even having the idols involved sometimes!

Just to follow up on Osaka Shunkashuto doing their best Osaka Shunkashuto impersonation:

Did you see the new one from Younapi?

BiSH is doing the nationwide tour thing:

Imagine going hawking with the Captain:

Idol Christmas is indeed upon us:

Have a great weekend!

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