A Friday Fun Straight from the Mind of Richard Curtis

Did you enjoy making cards last week?

Phew! It’s almost the big day. Presents are probably not bought, Christmas baking probably not ready, as far as I know, the Best Of is still dragging. Can you tell that I’ve been writing all of this month’s Funs at once?

Nobody tell Kerrie that Juice=Juice won all of the awards; it’ll be funnier when she finds out for herself

In just a few days, many of you will be opening your presents, inevitably getting disappointed when you get yet another bar of soap instead of Smash Ultimate. So let’s get a head start on that disappointment by setting impossible standards! What idol thing do you want on the 25th that you know won’t be gifted to you this year?

Tweet your Christmas hopes and dreams with #WhatIWantForIdolXmas and I hope Santa breaks the odds and gets you what you want this year!

Predicting multiples of Aina’s butt in the mix