Ano, Awesome, Drops Single, Also Awesome

Who’s your favorite currently-solo-but-used-to-not-be idol?

Since her departure from You’ll Melt More! what feels like half a lifetime ago, Ano’s been … well, being Ano. She was always the most numerically popular member because of her various projects outside of the music, and was able to focus on things like modeling in particular since graduating, but of course wasn’t going to just up and ignore the musical side of things. I personally only follow the music when it comes to idols, so if this was long in the making, I just plain missed it until yesterday:

Digital single release! What serendipitous timing. And now it’s here!

Oh yes. OH. YES. It’s so tasty and trippy and weird, and that’s to say nothing of the MV! This is a really cool musical direction for Ano, who frankly can do basically whatever she wants — not in the “autonomy” sense, but in the “has transferable talent” sense — and I hope she keeps poking around in these different musical nooks and crannies to find other good things to experiment with. This gets us into the “autonomy” space of course (that was inevitable), which is particular to the solo performer in a way that groups are (typically) far more constrained, and isn’t that neat? But as we’ve seen throughout her career so far, Ano tends to do what Ano wants to do, so expect ongoing good things.

The sucker’s available for download tomorrow, so you might want to follow Ano if you aren’t already and make sure that you don’t miss out.