You Should Download These Songs

What a treat! In addition to my nigh-week-long sojourn in the perpetual throes of Day Job nearing its merciful end, there are two great idol projects with completely free(!) new(ish!!) downloads(!!!) to snag and enjoy like the absurd indulgences that they are.

First up! Yanakoto Sotto Mute, whose one-man the other day was probably a completely epochal occurrence that I, of course, did not attend on account of being tied not just to the United States, but the National Capital Region because boring reasons. Nonetheless, the echoes show … you know? I think it’d be keen if one of you guys scored a bunch of holographic technology, and also really high-end streaming equipment, and just streamed my favorite lives to the comfort of my living room, a life-sized Nadeshiko in among the detritus of a life spent doing little of what it’d like to be doing.

Oh yeah, the song:

Second! Probably by the time you read this, a handful of re-recorded JyuJyu tracks (that is, old songs that the current members did over) are available as well. I have neither looked nor thought to venture a guess as to which songs they might be, but I’ll say that my favorite JyuJyu is Original JyuJyu, just in terms of sound and earnest creepiness, and I could not endorse this move more. I’ll even refrain from a convoluted paragraph about having them holographically projected into my home, as I am a superstitious sort who does not welcome the idea of allowing literal human curses through the threshold, if you know what I mean.

Given that Christmas is still almost two weeks away, I’m going to assume that these are in fact Hanukkah gifts from idol to the world, or perhaps tied to something completely non-Abrahamic, which would also be fine. Generosity is good, kids.

h/t the Major one