You’d Better Believe That I’m Ready for Q’ulle’s New Album

Ah, Q’ulle, you and your occasionally legitimate loudness are so beloved, yet simultaneously underappreciated except at those brief moments when it’s record-release-and/or-MV time … which I guess I’m proving all too well right now, actually. Sorry about that.

So as not to bury the lede:

Yes, Q’ulle’s first major album release, following a pair of (very good) singles in the first year of their life on an Avex subsidiary. I’m already assuming that it’s going to be about half idol, half loudol and all very enjoyable to listen to.

But I want to take up a few bytes’ worth of HTML to speculate as to how it is that Q’ulle — on rough numbers, about as popular overall as PassCode and Zenkimi, skilled in multilingual promotion and having done more international touring that all WACK products combined — just doesn’t seem to catch on as well as you’d think they might. Like, I’ll allow that different strokes for different folks and all that, but let’s be real here: A lot of what passes for quality in the idolverse is, in fact, kind of crappy. And Q’ulle is anything but crappy! In fact, they are very good!

Is that it? Too much polish? They even dip a little into harsh vocalhood. Is it that they aren’t manufacturedly “alt” enough? Garry gets it. WOULD IT SATISFY YOU IF YAKKO BLOODIED HER NOSE DURING LIVES? HELL MAAMU SNAPPED HER LEG FOR YOU PEOPLE!

Appreciate the loudness, people. It’s worth your time.