People Review Things: Idol Is Shit on Q’ulle’s “OVER THE HOPE”

You guys know me: I love me some Q’ulle. We even get to breathe a sign of relief that what could have been an imminent demise is, instead, a new beginning. That paints their recently released second album, Over the Hope, into a completely different kind of context; rather than be the death rattle of a fast-rising, talent-out-the-wazoo rock idol unit, it’s just the end of a chapter in what we can hope will be a significant career.

I’m going to download this album. I’m going to enjoy this album. And I’d love to review this album! But then I saw that it was again tackled by the very capable hands of our friend Garry MacKenzie, who not only helped to drive the Know Your BiStory series, but incidentally wrote another Q’ulle review that I shamelessly ripped off. So precedent is set!

What does Garry have to say about OVER THE HOPE?

I was a bit surprised to hear some screaming on this track …


If you’re into your Alt Idol stuff, maybe give this song a try.


It would have been an absolute tragedy if Q’ulle had broken up either before or shortly after this album came out.


They’re one of the best groups in the scene right now and should be releasing music regularly instead of having to deal with all of this nonsense.

In the immortal words of the drunk Swedish guy who may or may not have been Pelle Almqvist and sang pint-smashing renditions of Bouncing Souls songs with me in a Czech tavern half a lifetime ago, maybe we should have the whole thing:

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