You Guys Down with Attain Music?

I never really know what to make of Attain Music, truth be told. Every time they’ve done something worth mentioning, I’ve mostly enjoyed it, but I’ll be gosh darned if they don’t make it a little bit difficult. I guess very deliberately doing “kawaii rock” will have that effect.

Anyway, this sweet little ditty was part of the massive media dump that happened on Friday (still digging out!), and I wanted to give Peri Ubu’s old group another chance to show off:

I want you to imagine Peritan in this video

This is normally one of those times when I’d want to add some one-liner about the sheer battiness that comes with idol sometimes, and I just kind of did at least validate the sentiment by mentioning it, but it’s Sunday and I’m in no mood to put too much energy into anything other than the positive, so:

Good job, Attain Music. You put that together on a total shoestring budget, and you’re clearly having fun, and the song’s got lots of bounce and stuff, so good job.