You Guys Are Going to Like Shihatsumachi Underground

And in continuing this year’s commitment to being more exploratory and supportive of new idol units, let’s — oh, thanks Mr. Viz for doing all of the homework for me:

Also, what a look

That’s Shihatsumachi Underground (Twitter), as you could probably discern from the title of this post, and they’re all of about a month officially old. This is literally their debut, and as far as I can tell just about it for their online presence to date. But that’s fine, because what a way to kick things off! I like it a whole darn lot, but I was having a hard time pinning down why until Jim nailed it:

And suddenly I felt like I was hearing the next great idol rock project. That’s, like, getting way ahead of myself, yourself and every self, but that’s a hell of a song to debut with, and rare indeed is the idol unit with so mature a sound without coming across as either derivative or mawkish. May they power on.