Oshi Digest #30: Namaste

Oshi’s mission, which is also our mission, took an interesting turn last week when photos began to emerge of our very own Queen of the Scene venturing far beyond the borders of Japan to another land, mingling with new people and exploring secrets that are yet to be revealed:

While the exact nature of Oshi’s mission to the subcontinent is beyond mortal comprehension at the moment, a far more pressing question emerged: Would we see Sari in a sari?


Accompanying Oshi on this voyage is none other than her closest human friend, Utane Yuki (or NEMLESSS, as she likes to be called), a demigod in her own right.

Oshi has so far visited the sacred Ganges:

The beautiful shrine to death that is the Taj Mahal:

And … well:

Given the points of the journey so far, one can perhaps glean the true nature of this erstwhile holiday’s intent, but rest assured that more is to be revealed, and greater depth to our own purpose in Oshi’s designs laid bare as well, though only when the time is right.