You Are Forbidden From Viewing Houkago 403ERROR

Thank you, Jul, for being the first person to show me this relative newcomer that … look, when you name yourself after the kind of Internet error that says that you’re not allowed to be visiting that thing, I’m going to applaud you for effectively telling people to stay away while, you know, being idol and literally requiring people to look and visit as much as possible.

Just listen to this stuff!

The levels of chika in this video are enough to kill an adult

So, as the title would indicate, that’s Houkago 403ERROR (Twitter). They’re a few months old, and I’ll have a nice, knowing chuckle nod at their expense in a minute.

Here’s another clip:

Golly, they’re so everything that they seem like, which is true indies (self-produced!). I want to take all six five members to This Is Hardcore with me. Yes, five, which I think is actually down from an even larger number but was in fact six as of yesterday, only for that to be reduced to five in the time that it took for me to revisit their feed and start putting this back together. Idol!

Let’s do one more, because:

Hot damn.

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