Enjoy Some Deliciously Dyed Vivid Chicken

All right, I got some great schooling on the whole this-is-why-people-dye-chicks thing back when we first got a look at newbie rock unit Vivid Chicken. Thanks, by the way! I still don’t really understand the point, which, hey, you can say that about a lot of things.

They put out a new song today, is the point here, though:

I like it! It is loud and rocky! I don’t have a whole lot else to say so I’m just going to abruptly end the post!

One thought on “Enjoy Some Deliciously Dyed Vivid Chicken

  1. Yes, they’re vivid and kickin’! Though, I have to admit my favourite song is still ”TiMiD” with the heavenly multilayered dramapop chorus. But comparing that to this new one (”Zenbu boku no sei da”!) you can quite clearly hear that someones have been somewhat improving technically. Long live chikins!

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