Yanakoto Sotto Mute Is Moving Fast

We just got our sneak peek at the Bellring Girls Heart affiliates what seems like a few minutes ago (their four-track single thing is still available for download), and here they are already announcing new music:

That’s “Lily” and “Horoscope” if you’re keeping score at home. How exciting to have titles! /vacant stare

I’m in a storytelling mood, apparently, so I’ll tell you this one: I was listening to a top 40 station one Sunday morning, and it was syndicating Casey Kasem’s old show (sorry, Seacrest, just callin’ ’em like I see ’em). This is normal. But Seacrest played part of an interview with Lady Gaga, who was pre-promoting what would become her Born This Way album and talking about her time in the studio. When asked if she was ready to release anything soon, she replied something like, “We have two songs in the works now that could get released as singles.” Pressed on those, she said, “No, nothing recorded yet, but I can tell you that the one is called [MY MEMORY FAILS ME HERE – “THE EDGE OF GLORY”?] and the other one’s called “Judas.”

There was this very pregnant two-second pause (and this was a pre-recorded spot! It could have been edited and wasn’t!) before Seacrest, consummate pro that he is, finally said, “Those are GREAT titles.”

Anyway, I thought that was funny.

Shut up.