Your New Favorite Alt-Rock Idols Are Here: Meet Yanakoto Sotto Mute


Screen capture of a tweet from @GodMars

There’s a story to this, and very good free music, and you owe it to yourself to click on through.

I have no idea where or when I first heard of Yanakoto Sotto Mute (Twitter), though it was sometime in the past month or so, and probably via one of my binges through somebody else’s playlists (basically, I’m lucky). I added one of the videos to my “later” list, made a note to follow up in the master document that sort of dictates how and when I roll with things, and that was basically that because it’s been all TIF and Trump and stuff.

But then I got that tweet this morning — well done, @GodMars! — and then Luis added this link to the Idolmetal fan group on Facebook, and OKAY I GET IT I went back looking for the most recent time I’d seen anything, and it was from Bellring Girls Heart‘s feed yesterday and now it was officially getting interesting. And oh, what is this that Bellheart’s sharing?

Info: Yanokoto Sotto Mute is a new alt-rock idol unit, and they’re something of a BRGH sister group (same label or management or both, I don’t know). Here’s (a lot of) (live) video:

That’s very good! And the other bit of news: Their debut single/EP thing, 8CM EP, is currently available for free download from Ototoy through the end of August. I have already done so and listened to it repeatedly.

I was halfway tempted to straight-up review it, in fact, but there isn’t much I could say besides “wow, it’s really good and if you were a teenager at any point in the 1990s you’ll probably love it,” and it’s a free download for the next three weeks so there’s absolutely no risk for you to acquire it. I mean, it’s really good. Just click on the Ototoy link and use the little preview player to get a taste. If you were a teenager at any point in the 1990s, you’ll probably love it.

I already said that, didn’t I?

Anyway, I’m excited about these newcomers. One of them used to be in Meltia (see)! They’re like a less on-the-nose version of yami-kawaii. Even their nickname — Yanamyu — is cool. Their merch includes a sad girl button and guitar picks. This is a good debut!

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