Withdrawn Wednesday #4

While last week was bare bones in the way of graduated oshi content, there was suddenly such a big influx of photos and news this time around that we didn’t even have to wait an extra week! Or maybe we just got better at looking. Either way, if there’s a graduated Homicidol we aren’t covering, let us know! Sometimes they pop up in the strangest of places!

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Kuromiya Rei fans, BRATS have a new MV out!

About time Yufu returned to her rock idol roots

If Yoneko is already a soloist under Trash-Up, Mizuho is forming a new group under Trash-Up and now Kai is going solo under Trash-Up, can we have a mini BellHeart reunion soon?

No, seriously. Is Sari ever going to stop being flawless?

So flawless that she snatched her own wig so you wouldn’t have to!

The two WACK boot camp alumni members of Wagamama Kiite?? graduating within 10 days of each other was pretty darn sad. But hey, at least Asaka re-opened her old twitter!

And she’s weirdly proud of getting to honk Moe‘s Moes!

Nice drawing, Non.

Ex-Pottya leader Risa looking fabulous these days.

Check out this adorable baby Kotao!

Yuuhi/Yuzuko got a new look