Can Anyone Be Ready for this BiS?

The people have spoken(?) and Watanabe has reaggregated BiS as a nine-member unit. Not one to do things halfway or with subtly, the infamous adult patient neglecter has endowed the group with their own “Bohemian Rapsody”, which is a whopping 11 minutes and 47 seconds.

Grab your coffee or tea and sit comfortably to take in this grandiose venture:

Wasn’t that just… a lot? Processing this visually and musically will take multiple listens. Personally, the jury is still out whether or not I enjoy this (as in “Is this good to my ears? Do I want more?”) but there is no doubt that this is interesting.

I would say that I won’t spoil it for you, but the truth is that this ride has barely started in my brain and I will need the WACK slaves hivemind to understand **this** whole thing.

It is fresh, everyone looks gorgeous (special mentions to Yuina, who grew more powerful after performing with EMPiRE again, Muropanako’s undercut which looks incredible with her long hair, and Toriaezu Hana who managed to captivate me at every second of her screen time).

The one thing I did process was that Watanabe gets murdered, as he is in a fair amount of WACK music videos, because the man knows what the fans like, and complies (to a certain extent).

If you are still here, either go on with your day or watch it a second time and post your theories of the narrative in the comments or on the website with the bird.

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