Withdrawn Wednesday #1

Got a new part-time feature ’round these parts, kids

Welcome to the first edition of Withdrawn Wednesday! Ever look back on your oshis of times gone by and wonder “what are they up to now?”

Speaking as someone who lost 90 percent of her oshis last year, I sure do! So, we’re trying out a new column that totally isn’t just an excuse to continue to spam Homicidols with post-idol Saris and Tentenkos, nosiree. Starting with every second Wednesday of the month, think of this column as a cross between our own Weekender and Buzzfeed “Remember ___? This is them now” articles. Why every second Wednesday? Well, when you’re following a bunch of girls who aren’t really doing much, there’s not really enough content to make this a weekly thing. And “second” as in “second chance” (or third, or fourth for some determined ladies).

Either way, maybe you’ll come across a lost oshi or two?

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

I’m pretty sure the reason why Sari hid her bare face for so many years was that her true form is so overwhelmingly beautiful that it could have launched a thousand ships and the shironuri was merely a safety precaution to prevent an all-out war from breaking out.


Mere days after revealing her true face to the world, Sari is already pulling in overseas gigs. Idol Italia has invited her to be a special guest at their Monster of Dolls festival this coming Maggio in Bologna.


Remember Maria? Been following the Up Up Girls (2) audition? One of these finalists might look familiar:

Hug Me is still missing but she also had a brief modeling career at some point so at least there’s that:

Miss ex-BILLIE IDLE’s Yasui Yuuhi’s sharp voice? Well, she’s called Mahiruno Yuzuko now and she covers WACK songs occasionally!


Also, she has merch!

Gomochi, why are you eating Mew?

I’m not supposed to talk about Hello! Project graduates here, but when they’re working with the legend that is Oomori Seiko does it even matter?

Make sure to follow Kotao’s new Twitter!


Found more interesting idol graduates we missed? Comment down below and we’ll include them next month!