While We’re on Underappreciated Idols, Let’s Talk Bokura no Oyugi

I love and fear the dark carnival that is Bokura no Oyugi, the evil clown idols who somehow manage to turn even circus music into something sinister. They’re pretty cool! They’re also less accessible than most units for reasons that I don’t totally understand — there’s precious little live video of them online, for instance, and few bootlegs.

However, in a very WHO YA GOT-esque post in the Alt group yesterday (Bokurano vs. Zekkyou! what a combo!), we were treated to en edited-down split video of two live Bokurano numbers:

By Tribe125, who is a hero

See? Such a weird, cool project, albeit one that’s been shedding members like pox scabs over the course of the year and is now actually down to being a duo, but … then who is this third girl?

Raise your hand of you’re a Bokurano fan. We should probably be friends.