Kiss Your Ass Goodbye: The Terror Clowns Released Their MV

It finally happened. We got a teaser before, but now literal months of waiting for this godforsaken hellscape of a song (circuscore!) to be released into any digital media in full have paid off, and it’s a music video that probably shows Bokura no Oyugi in their natural habitat before their handler seals them back up inside for the daylight hours and drops in a canteen filled with children’s tears:

They’re so weird!

Nice remix work, too, to give the sound a little bit of extra depth and get the newer members’ voices included, none of which really matters because the song is, at its core, a gibbering mess of oddly groovy deathcore violence (I nominate All Shall Perish as their backing band when they tour the United States.

But I’m extremely happy to finally have this. Extremely. I feel vindicated. Go ahead and pitch “idols who are clowns who scream like demons and have music that sounds like Pennywise’s wank soundtrack” to anybody and tell me about the reaction that you get.

The sad part is that Ruru and Mickey are still graduating, so this incredibly bizarre fever dream of theirs will have to carry on without its creators. But we’ll always have this, yes we will.

4 thoughts on “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye: The Terror Clowns Released Their MV

  1. I never paid attention to them but I like this tune. So, with Mikey and Ruru leaving, how does this work? They are the growlers and unless 1 of the other 4 are holding back all the impact of the great time changes will be lost right?

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