No Mark Is New and Good

“This is cool and you should do it” was the message that I originally wrote in this box a couple of months ago. I don’t remember why, exactly — one of the usual suspects on a tip, likely, or maybe one of those random Twitter dives — and in fact ultimately forgot that it even existed. So it goes! But then the No Mark social accounts (like Twitter!) turned out the goods on Monday, and there was much rejoicing, as

This is their first single:

Gah, I love when idols get crossed up in punk rock and do it well; objectively like the easiest style of rock music to play is often one of the hardest to get right, probably because the world is full of irony. But here, I’m feeling like how PiGU sounded when they were still mostly doing punk songs, only with a slightly harder edge, or maybe some of Zekkyou’s slightly less intense moments. It’s necessary stuff.

You can get a little bit more of a look at their other work with this debut trailer:

I’ll be honest, I was a little bit disappointed to see that this is a Tokyo (Shibuya) group, when objectively most of the best punk-oriented units hail from either Osaka or Nagoya, but THAT’S FINE. I mean, they debuted in April; blind squirrel, nut, etc. The single goes on sale today, though no link yet as of press time.*

And in signs that could be both good and bad: No Mark is currently seeking member/s!

And … holy smokes, my pledge to spend more time on new units this year is actually kind of a thing this week. Huzzah for freedom!

*I kill me; also, I’m lazy