When I Said That I Wanted Beatdown Idols, NEVE SLIDE DOWN, This Isn’t Quite What I Had in Mind

I’m a friggin’ doofus and missed the latest from we-B’s surging up-and-comers NEVE SLIDE DOWN this morning until reminded by our good friend Pure Idol Heart, and of course then immediately had to get into a meeting and do actual day job work instead of something enjoyable like a new NEVE SLIDE DOWN video.

Ever since this guy was announced a few weeks ago, I’ve had to wonder if PassCode’s little sister unit might not be emerging as the more interesting of the two projects. PassCode is of course the Cadillac of the digital-core-etc idol set and so pointedly distinct (as far as idols go, at least) that even projects that seek to emulate them almost invariably come off as poor copies. NEVE SLIDE DOWN, though, is like the 370z; smaller, less prestigious and something of a Johnny-come-lately, but loaded with zip and sleekness and cool features.

The rest of that thought originally went “and you can see a world where the latter addition outgrows the original,” which in addition to straining the analogy beyond the breaking point is also kind of silly, because yes, PassCode is fully into the “we’re doing PassCode” point of their career (and good for them, honestly), but ZENITH is absolutely nothing to sneeze at even if it is fairly familiar.

Good times for we-B, though! If PassCode does get adventurous and head meaningfully away from the traditional Asian idol markets for a tour, it’d be cool to bring NSD along for the ride.