What the Heck Is Going on with SHINGEKI?

I mean it, I have absolutely no idea. I’m very literally asking because I know that some of you guys follow them pretty closely, and while I happily take a professional passing interest in them, I am only one person and all it takes to go from In The Know to Confused As Hell is to miss a few tweets.

All I know is that the membership is all over the place. Graduations! Promotions? Something! It’s apparently all in here:

And they’re filming!

I am however somewhat handcuffed by extremely limited Japanese proficiency, so … help! As long as they can avoid another name change, I’m sure it’s fine.

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  1. Ooh, I can step in! So, I was a big fan of early SHINGEKI. I loved the members and their songs blew me away. As time went by, I didn’t like their new songs as much, the group focused too much on gravure for my liking, and most of the original members left. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the group and I’m a fan of Kotono, but I’m not singing the praises of SHINGEKI wherever I go. Anyway, here’s the timeline, as far as I know.

    March 2017 –
    Yanderu Watashi to Yamanai Ame was formed, with members that included Kotono and Imoko. Also, fun fact, KTA member Sento Namida Maru was the leader of this group under the name Risa Mochizuki.

    August 2017 –
    Yanderu Watashi to Yamanai Ame disbands.

    Kotono and Imoko form a limited time group called Imonikomi with support members Usako, Hibiki, Momo, Nagisa, and one or two other girls that didn’t end up making it into SHINGEKI. The other support members didn’t really have any entertainment experience, but Momo had a pretty big following from being active as a gravure idol.

    September 2017 –
    Imonikomi ends their activities.

    SHINGEKI debuts with Kotono, Imoko, Usako, Hibiki, Momo, and Nagisa. It is an evolution of the the two groups before it and performs some songs from them.

    February 2018 –
    Usako is kicked out of the group after a contract violation was discovered.

    May 2018 –
    Hibiki graduates from the group. I don’t remember if she had a reason, maybe it was just something super vague like “personal reasons”.

    June 2018 –
    Amane joins the group as a full member.

    Support members Kaname, Miyuu, and Karen join the group. Miyuu was an finalist in the recent Akishibu Project auditions and used to do some sort of idol activities in Nagoya. Karen is a concurrent member of Tenkuu Island. Another fun fact: Karen’s dad was the leader and guitarist for Sharam Q, a famous Japanese band in the 90s that Tsunku (the Hello! Project guy) was the lead singer of.

    July 2018 –
    Momo graduates from the group because of poor health.

    August 2018 –
    SHINGEKI release their major debut single with Kotono, Imoko, Nagisa, and Amane.

    It is announced that Tamayura will end their activities on 9/25.

    September 2018 –
    Kaname is promoted from a support member to a full member.

    It’s announced that on 9/27, after Tamayura disbands, members Botan, Shiori, and Eva will join SHINGEKI.

    It’s announced that support member Miyuu will be joining a new group called Senkyoku that debuts on 10/4 with Tamayura members Ao and Yuri, Tenkuu Island member Arisa, and two other members. I’m not sure if she’ll be staying on as a SHINGEKI support member after she joins this new group. My guess is no, but she might.

    It’s announced that Karen won’t be a SHINGEKI support member anymore. I think she’s going to focus on Tenkuu Island from now on.

    Nagisa announces graduation because of family reasons.

    So basically, in a few weeks, once all the weirdness straightens out, SHINGEKI will have seven members: Kotono (OG), Imoko (OG), Amane (joined in June), Kaname (joined in June as a support member but is now a full member), Botan (ex Tamayura), Shiori (ex Tamayura), and Eva (ex Tamayura). I think they’re doing away with the support system for now, since Kaname was promoted, Karen’s leaving, and Miyuu’s joining a new group, but Miyuu might still stick around, I’m not sure.

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