Welcome to the Homicidols Team Takeover!

Hello friends! Maniac here. And … actually, Maniac not here because I’m doing something that I haven’t done in almost three years — I’m taking a break. Homicidols.com hasn’t gone more than, I think, two consecutive days sans at least one post from yours truly since it all started. This has included every significant holiday, every insignificant holiday, personal milestones, personal tragedies, personal super-tragedies and enough wild-ass change to satisfy the average person’s Tolerance Quotient several times over. It’s time to take a breather.

Thankfully, the team has sworn a blood oath upon gods ancient, great and terrible that the site will be in good, regularly updated hands for my time away, and I’m enough of a dumbass that I’ll be chipping in little “oh look at this!” posts throughout. So you’re still getting Maniac posts, just without Maniac, and with way more of the other kids, seeing as how they’re going to be handling everything timely. If you want to get in a fight on Twitter or something, like, don’t.

I’ll see you guys in … wow, only 10 days. Okay. Enjoy the Team with their gloves off!