Welcome to the Weekend; Here’s a Full Live Necronomidol Set with a New Song

Necronomidol is basically on fire right now; a series of lives unveiling new songs, an EP that would be the leader for Best Album of 2016 so far if it were longer, an album that’s in that mix anyway, a big anniversary one-man coming up … it might be about time to get on the bandwagon if you aren’t already.

If you need more convincing, here’s video of their full performance at Shinjuku Loft yesterday:

Call me the next time idols roll out something as haunting as “psychopomp.”

This also includes the heretofore unreleased “重慶REDLINE,” the second song in the set, which is all loaded with 80s synth pop weighed down by the darkest of desires and most evil of intentions. Or something like that.

I also note that, while I have a lot of affection for the members in general, I really dig on how Hina currently looks like the most demented schoolgirl this side of Gogo Yubari.