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So you may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the face of the earth recently. There’s a story there, but one that I don’t feel like rehashing (Team got the short version last week). It sort of peaks at “sir, we can’t make you stay, but you really should” and plateaus shortly thereafter with “yes, all of the notifications” and then denouements its way through two full weeks’ worth of an effective vacation that I never intended to have, but here we go. I had to consider whether my baby (that’s Homicidols) needed me, if I needed it, if any of it mattered, if this was the actual state of things, etc. Continue reading

Hey Let’s Talk about Idols!

Watch live video from atojplays on

Hey! You guys! In case you hadn’t noticed, we have now entered the dumbest part of the year, when there’s painfully little of interest going on (it’s not even an Olympic year!) and lots of time to kill in the evenings. Sure, you could be a jerk and do productive and/or creative things and rub it in our faces, or you could forget all that stupid stuff and instead come hang out for a little while and listen to friends, and me!

Tonight! Debate! Topics of discussion include:

  • Chika idol gone international
  • Will Maniac’s camera work?
  • Thesis: The Holy Roman Empire, Neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire
  • Is it true that all dogs go to heaven?

And so much more! Actually I’m pretty stoked about it. I always have fun with A-to-J, and I’ve never not had a good conversation with Derek, so I’m setting my expectations meter to high!

I’ll try to embed the stream so all you need to do is come here and put your eyeballs to it. It’s 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific, like noon tomorrow in Japan. You can figure it out.

Three Years Later, How Is This Still a Thing?

Well, happy birthday to Homicidols Dot Com, I guess! That was yesterday, if you’re keeping score at home, but I wasn’t in the mood to finish this thing that’s been in the works for a few weeks, so let’s do it a day late and pretend it’s because the cake needed to be replaced or something.  Continue reading

Rebirthing a Not-new Normal

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement

Hi friends! I survived my 10 days en purgatorio. And, unlike the hazy, half-lucid promise that I made at the outset, I didn’t even so much as pretend to try to keep up with idol goings-on. Just as the team, to whom I would aimlessly misdirect links sans context or (frankly) effort just because I found five minutes to scroll through a feed. It was rough, in its ways, and I’m ultimately most thankful that I don’t think that I missed anything that I’d regret missing, and Team Homicidols did a great job.

Did I say that Team Homicidols did a great job? Team Homicidols did a great job. It’s an amazing feeling to know that there exist smart, good-taste-having, reliable people whose interests just so happen to align with my own at a particularly critical juncture, and that should I be out on a breather, they’ll be like, hey sure let’s go ahead and blog the posts about the things. Crucial. If I even knew where to start, I’d send them all something nice.

Now. Those 10 days. Continue reading

Welcome to the Homicidols Team Takeover!

Hello friends! Maniac here. And … actually, Maniac not here because I’m doing something that I haven’t done in almost three years — I’m taking a break. hasn’t gone more than, I think, two consecutive days sans at least one post from yours truly since it all started. This has included every significant holiday, every insignificant holiday, personal milestones, personal tragedies, personal super-tragedies and enough wild-ass change to satisfy the average person’s Tolerance Quotient several times over. It’s time to take a breather.

Thankfully, the team has sworn a blood oath upon gods ancient, great and terrible that the site will be in good, regularly updated hands for my time away, and I’m enough of a dumbass that I’ll be chipping in little “oh look at this!” posts throughout. So you’re still getting Maniac posts, just without Maniac, and with way more of the other kids, seeing as how they’re going to be handling everything timely. If you want to get in a fight on Twitter or something, like, don’t.

I’ll see you guys in … wow, only 10 days. Okay. Enjoy the Team with their gloves off!

Tonight! Let’s Talk about Idol Stuff

Hey, remember how I said that things were gonna get weird tonight? It starts at 10:00 ET!

What are we gonna talk about? All kinds of idol stuff, you guys. Every other time I’ve joined A-to-J, we’ve had a pretty good go of it. And when better to talk about idols of the homi variety than on Friday the 13th!

The show will be happening right here:

Watch live video from atojplays on

Join in and bring your scathingest takes!

Our Idols Are Kind of a Big Deal, and I Hope That’s a Good Thing

Warning: I had no idea what to do with this at first, and still don’t, so bear with me

So as the world turns, little things that pertain to your interests will sometimes stick out at you. Case in point: Last Friday, while plowing through the absolutely absurd number of Twitter notifications that I’m set up for, I noticed an interesting series by Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

Continue reading

You May Now Register for That Class That I Got Conned into Teaching

Hey gang, little reminder: My highfalutin idol class that will be equal parts awesome music and videos, recent idol history and Maniac opining despite not being a genuine expert on much other than the shape of his own head is now open for registration. The sucker’s next Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and is only slated for an hour (regretting that decision right now), in Petworth in DC — you wouldn’t even kind of miss the podcast or anything!

Learn more if you haven’t seen it, and also register because it’s totally free

As for Meet-a-Maniac? Brian has the right idea: Continue reading

The Best Podcast of 2016 Award Will Not Go to This Episode

Oh man.

Yep. We’re doing this. It’s gonna get gnarly. Continue reading

Take Maniac’s Best of 2016 Challenge

Before we actually kick off voting for the Best of 2016, team, I thought I’d actually get around to introducing the You vs. Me component so it makes a little bit more sense.

See, you’re all smart, tasteful people. You’re here, after all! I, however, am the smartest and tastefulest and will brook no argument, and while I won’t be making any direct interventions into the community’s vote for the best of the year, I will nonetheless make my own thoughts known.

I’ve asked a genuine panel of experts* to vouchsafe my submissions; the task before you (should you dare to take it on!) is to see just how well you know your Homicidol Maniac. Using the ballot below, select for each category not your own favorite, but what you think mine is. Continue reading