Weekend Nominations Roundup

Thanks to everybody who tweeted, commented or emailed their suggestions for artists to cover (yes, even to the people who didn’t follow directions).

Without getting into specifics, and after a spirited DM back-and-forth that ended in an agreement to disagree, we ended with four nominations:

  1. Goho Lolita Syndrome (Lolisyn): One of my first metal units not called Babymetal, and a genuine cult favorite. I had taken them off the list of groups to profile on account of seeing that they’re disbanding at the end of this month, but the case for a profile is strong, and they’ve literally already held an on-stage funeral for their original members, so this whole current thing could just be a bit of clever kayfabe.
  2. Momoiro Clover Z: The last thing that Momoclo needs right now is for a site like this to throw some love their way, but it’s also true that this isn’t specifically a site for underground and indie idols, but for hard idols, and Momoclo’s basically the stadium rock band of the whole idol world. Seeing no reason not to include them (and considering that they got four total nominations), I’ll work it up.
  3. Parallel Japan: Whether it’s because they’re suddenly best friends with Guso Drop or because, befitting their status as like the Melvins of idolcore (I’ll explain later), not only have they been all over Twitter anyway, but they yielded two nominations, one of which I’m pretty sure came from Japan. That’s cool. I had wanted to have them on launch and failed, so this is a good reason to get back to it.
  4. Lyric Holic: Self-nomination! Just going back through their stuff today made me realize how much I wish that I’d spent the time to include them in the first place.

There were also two nominations for performers already on the site, and one for You’ll Melt More!, who I’m feeling more and more like I have to do something with soon, but I’m still not convinced belong here. Regardless, again, thanks to everybody for the input, and I’ve already added these to the content calendar.